this is the ugly preliminary info for a patchy piece of software

vpsdecode shows you the VPS-info transmitted by some TV-stations
(mainly german ones), used by VCR to know which transmission is
currently running. Here is a sample:

 receiving VPS

 timecode   13.1. 16:15

 station-ID (0D8F) RTL2

 name       RTL2

this means: we are currently getting VPS-info, the current program was
scheduled for January, 13th at 16:15 (local time of the station), the
station identifies as 0D8F which is "RTL2" according to ETSI, the name
of the station transmitted as clear text in VPS is "RTL2".

vpsdecode is simple patch of vbidecode using some additional code of
Jens Muuss. It restarts automatically if needed. You need a
TV-tuner-card and a working /dev/vbi

Emil Obermayr